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A free UK orientated web directory that offers direct links for websites with no reciprocal required. Search engine friendly, human edited with direct links and a list of non reciprocal directories.


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Site Submission Guidelines

  • All sites must only submit your web sites home page, as we only accept one link per site unless they are featured links, i.e "" NOT "
  • All sites must be related to the UK or be of use or interest to UK internet users.
  • All sites must be submitted to a suitable Sub Category as only featured links can be submitted to main categories, if no suitable sub category can be found please submit one using "Suggest New Category" link.
  • All sites must be written in English as only sites in English will be accepted.
  • All sites must have their own url / web address i.e, "" NOT "".
  • All sites must contain up to date, unique content and not be a mirror of any other site.
  • All sites must be fully operational, including all links, pages, pictures etc.
  • All sites must provide a brief, relevant and clear overview about your site in the description field and must not be full of sales jargon/spam, i.e. We are the Best etc.
  • All sites must be up to a suitable standard.
  • All sites must not contain any adult/sexual content or products, or be associated with gambling or prescription/illegal drugs.
  • All sites must not contain or promote any hate, violent or illegal activities.
  • All sites must not contain an excessive amount of adverts, advertisements, banner ad's or pop windows.
  • All sites must not contain any all capital letters within site.
  • All sites must not contain any"get rich quick schemes" or any sites that request users details before user can view adquate content.
  • All sites must not use excessive keywords in any of the fields on submission page as this is considered to be "spam" and html code must not be used in any field.
  • This site will not accept mass submissions (3 or more links) from SEO companies or automated scripts without some reciprocal or featured links, please e mail us before a mass submission or submissions will be deleted.


Featured Links

  • Featured Links will cost £10 GBP and will last for one year from submission.
  • Featured Links will be positioned above all reciprocal and free links in selected category.
  • All Featured Links after their featured period will be downgraded to a standard listing after their featured period has expired.
  • Any Featured Link rejected deemed not suitable for Free Directory UK will have its fee's refunded.